From 5 to 7 of June, 2008 St.-Petersburg becomes the European Capital of style

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II International festival

"Beauty above the Neva river"

June 5, 2008 (Thursday) in St.-Petersburg will be started II the International Festival "Beauty above Neva", being an official Measure Confederation Mondiale de la Сoiffure - RUSSIA (CMC-RUSSIA). The world stylistic organization which has opened in the last year the all-Russian headquarter in St.-Petersburg for three days will unit the foremen of sphere of beauty - professionals with a world name and judges of beauty - everyone, who aspires to beauty in usual life.

June 5

- day of a festival "Day of the foremen of beauty" - unprecedented multi-seminar. It will unit the foremen - teachers more than from 10 countries. They simultaneously will lead the master - classes for the professionals in one of the Castles of St. Petersburg.

June 6

- "Show of Nations". For the first time Engineer Castle in the center of town becomes an original platform for unprecedented performance of world stars of stylistic podium from Italy, France, England, Germany, Japan, USA, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Israel, Russia will be presented by the well-known stylist of Petersburg -Anna Mikhailova.

June 7

- "Day of the judge of beauty" - for the first time in a uniform stylistic impulse will incorporate some trade-entertaining complexes on all St. Petersburg. for all judges of beauty the forces CМC-RUSSIA, telechannel ТНТ and magazine Cosmopolitan will carry out master-classes in style "professional advice for not professional use". The results of competitions "Inside out" and "Cosmo-Change" will be moved.

The project passes within the framework of the cultural program XII of the Petersburg international economic forum at support of Committee on external communications and Committee on culture of government of St.-Petersburg, General consulate of France in St.-Petersburg, Institute of a Trade Exchange of Embassy of Italy in St.-Petersburg.

The high status of a measure will be caused by visit of the first persons of the world stylistic organizations. And the confirmation of interest to it was received in 2007 - more than 60 announsments - materials and plots - before and after the first festival "Beauty above Neva" and more than 2 000 spectators.

The common amount of the visitors on a measure for three days will exceed 50 000, and also 300 VIP persons on "Show of Nations". Their number includes the first persons of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad area, representatives of business, creative elite, MASS-MEDIA.

The organizer of show "the Beauty above Neva" - PROMO GROUP ANVI.

pr support - Max Peretti
8 905 228 6812

The Programm of the Festival


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russia Анна Михайлова. Anna Mikhailova. CMC
Анна Михайлова. Anna Mikhailova. confederation mondiale coiffure

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Анна Михайлова. Anna Mikhailova. CMC